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Dr. Anne Wilson Schaef is an internationally known author, speaker, consultant, and seminar leader who has been described as “one of the most important thinkers of our time”, “cutting edge”, “way ahead of her time”, and “having the vision of the eagle”.

Dr. Schaef is the author of sixteen internationally best-selling books including When Society Becomes an Addict; Women’s Reality; Native Wisdom for White Minds; Beyond TherapyBeyond Science and Living in Process.

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Check out this upcoming online summit that goes live Feb 16th! The conference focuses on issues like addiction, personal growth and creativity and includes over 32 hours of videos. Since the conference is being hosted from Germany make sure to translate your webpage and emails. Not to worry, the interview with Dr. Anne Wilson Schaef is in English!  Click this link to register, and watch all interviews for free!


Anne is on Facebook and posts regularly. Go HERE to follow Anne.


Anne Wilson Schaef will be facilitating another Writers Retreat in July 2018.  Find out more HERE

Reader Reviews

There Will be a Thousand Years of Peace and Prosperity, and They Will be Ushered in by the Women

One of the most important books to come out in years. Before Schaef took a self-imposed retreat from the system for several years, she was described as one of the most important thinkers of our time. She’s back with even more to say and more powerful than ever.

– Reader review on Amazon

Living in Process

One of the best books I’ve read in eons. Thoughtful, insightful, beautifully written. This books is a Must Read for everyone who wants a richer, more meaningful life.

– Reader review on Amazon

Beyond Therapy, Beyond Science

Recommended for anyone looking for growth and spiritual healing, and who may wonder why current models of helping have not done so. The author challenges what is happening and offers practical alternatives gleaned from her life and those of her clients, while on the path of growth and recovery.

– Reader review on Amazon