America Fulfilling Its Promise – Section III, Envisioning Who We are as a Beacon, Part 6, Equality for All

One of the major tenants for these United Stated of America is that we all are equal in practice and in the eyes of the law. This commitment of equality exists and abides deeply in my soul, my beliefs, and my practice. Having grown up (until the age of seven and then returning regularly) in […]

America Fulfilling Its Promise – Section III, Envisioning Who We are as a Beacon, Part 5, Attributes of a Functional Society

There are three major components of a functional person and a functional society – Honesty, Honor and Respect. These three with some kind of connection with an internal moral compass are essential for our living together on this planet. I. Honesty – There are few things that put us out of contact with ourselves, others […]


The biggest issue we are facing in the worldwide community is – how can open systems survive if the main focus of closed systems is to destroy everything unlike itself? The ideal of a democracy was an open system. Unfortunately, it has come to mean and/or be synonymous with capitalism and materialism. This was not […]

America Fulfilling Its Promise – Section III, Envisioning Who We are as a Beacon, Part III, Our Representative Government

  By no stretch of the imagination do we have a representative government – – a Republic. And, we desperately need one. Let’s dream a little – The two party system is not working – Neither party has a clear vision – Both are more loyal to party than country – Both are more wedded […]

America Fulfilling Its Promise – Section III, Envisioning Who We Are as a Beacon, Part 2, Education

Our founders were wise enough to know that if we are to be a participatory nation in which all participate, we need to be educated. Education is not just for the privileged few, it is a right and a necessity for all. Unfortunately, we have been moving more and more in the direction that, in […]

America Fulfilling Its Promise – Section III, Part 1

 America – Envisioning Who We Are as a Beacon  Immigration In Section I of this book we have taken a good, hard look at where we have gone wrong and where we are as a nation. We have seen that our society is operating just like a dysfunctional addict. It has reached a level of […]

America Fulfilling Its Promise – Section II, Part 5

Visioning and Re-visioning our Roots Section II, Part 5, Combining Parts 2,3 and 4 In this section, we will try to pull together what we could have learned from those who went before us. We will briefly look at what we may have missed and/or forgotten from the founding of our country and what we […]


I have decided that this week I will take off from continuing the “book” (America Fulfilling Its Promise) I have been writing online. I want to follow up on the piece I wrote for Memorial Day. I feel that not militarizing Memorial Day is an important topic as is honoring our ancestors. On Memorial Day, […]

Remembering, Noticing and Participating

I have often mentioned that two of the most important skills we need to cultivate to live more fully in a life-enhancing paradigm are noticing and participating. Recently, I noticed how deeply disturbed and embarrassed I was with the way MY President of MY United States, treated the Prime Minister of Montenegro. Trump showed no […]

America Fulfilling Its Promise – Section II – Part 4

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights First of all, I want to thank Donald Trump and all of our elected officials in Washington for the honor and necessity of this exploration that I am finding I need to do to try to understand what is happening to my nation and why. Not only do […]