A Few Good Men

We are hearing so much about women these days, which is wonderful. And, we are hearing a great deal about especially one man who seems to have laser-focused many of the negative traits of the male of the species and of the current culture and turned them into supposed assets.

Unfortunately, he (and many others like him) does not realize that those traits of bullying, talking over others, talking about how big certain parts of his body are, strutting and general lying bravado are – quite frankly – obsolete. They might have been useful for the caveman. And, many of us, hopefully, have moved beyond that stage of evolution.

  • Quite frankly, it is time for our entire species to move beyond that stage of evolution – women and men alike.

In my recent book, There Will Be a Thousand Years of Peace and Prosperity and They Will Be Ushered in by the Women, I spend a large section of the book on symptoms of the society. When I looked up the definitions of “politics” which I categorize as a major symptom of a dysfunctional society, I found that most definitions revolved around lying and dishonesty. This “deceit” was, of course, deemed to be for the “greater good.” (Lying to oneself?)

  • For many years now, I have predicted that a sane society would not have any politics included in its structure.
  • So, who “invented” politics? I think we know. Neanderthal men.
  • I see women and a few good men trying to work around and change this system.
  • Now back to “a few good men.”

We do not hear much about these good men. And, they are here among us.

These men are:

  • Feminists.  They do not see women as objects to be dominated, controlled, sex-objects, and dumber than they are.
  • They see and act accordingly as equals, respecting the gifts of both sexes and all races as different and equal.
  • Indeed, they value and respect differences.
  • It is painful to them when they see women being disrespected, ridiculed and damaged even when they, themselves, inadvertently and unconsciously fall back on their cultural conditioning and training.
  • They do not see women in “perfect sizes.”
  • They see women as having gifts they don’t have and respect those gifts.

These men are out there in growing numbers. They want equal partners, not parasites, slaves, or objects around them. (Even Bill Clinton seems to be growing out of these old habits and realizing – at last – what he has in the woman he married. She believed, and still does, that miracles are possible. Sometimes, it is difficult for a man who is a Neanderthal to deal with a powerful woman!)

So, let’s give a shout-out to those men who are evolving beyond their dysfunctional conditioning and want to contribute from the strength of their gifts and not dominate or bully. They need our recognition, love and support.

They are out there. They call themselves (maybe some tentatively and secretly for now) feminists.

Come on in. The water is great!

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