America Fulfilling Its Promise – Section II – Part 1 Introduction


It is difficult to find solutions when we do not know and understand what the problems are.

In Section I we have explored the problems that are currently facing us as individuals, a society and nation, and as a human race.

We have taken a peek and seen that our elected officials have been operating in a way that is progressively dysfunctional and fatal to the people, the nation and the planet. We, as a nation, have experienced many growing pains just as individuals do. There have also been many times when we have had failures and made huge mistakes along the way.

Those of us who believe in what we stand for as a nation know that, as with ourselves as individuals, there will be no healing, growing, and learning unless we are willing to 1) want to heal, grow, and learn, 2) be honest about who we are and what we have done and 3) be willing, very willing, to change and progress. Unfortunately, not all change is progressive. Indeed, we are always changing and it is up to each of us to see if change is just dishonest, self-centered, controlling regression coming out of distorted (crazy) thinking processes and/or, is the change moving toward more honest and more collective participation in a process that leads to better functioning and living for everyone? Are we looking for honor, respect and deeper moral functioning for everyone whatever their creed or color and at the same time also for the nation?

In a democracy, it is essential to participate in and to criticize and question the way our government is functioning. If we do not question them, how can our elected officials not lose their way in such a seductive net that looks like power, control and influence?

Therefore, in Section I, based on the assumption that all of us want to heal, grow and learn, we have tried to explore and understand the problem from a perspective that can be helpful. There are other perspectives and we need them all in order to be who we can be and do what we need to do.

In Section II, we will begin to explore Solutions. We will “remember” and move forward. For those who are willing to see it, the paradigm which we have “evolved” or grown into is entropic and if we “progress” as we are now, not only humanity but also nature and the planet will be destroyed.

As Charles de Gaulle said, “Since a politician never believes what he says, he is quite surprised to be taken by his word.” I have often said, in a functional society there will be no politics as we know them. We will see why we have to find new/old better ways of functioning on all our levels of reality. To do that, we must return to our roots and regrow and relearn what is possible.

In Part 2  of Section II we will rediscover the depth and wisdom of the people who were here to receive the newcomers/invaders/colonizers.

I have often quoted the story of the young Ojibway girl who asked her Elder the question – “Grandmother, why did we let them stay? There were more of us, we could have killed them all.” And the old grandmother sighed and said, “Because they needed us.”

Similar to the legends of the Australian Aboriginals, many of the Native American legends tell us that we knew “they” were coming. Sometimes, when one is gazing at one’s bellybutton, it is difficult to see/get the bigger picture. We need the wisdom of those who see the bigger picture.

We will explore that larger picture as to what was here and what the people who were here had to contribute to these United States.

In Part 3, we will form a broader perspective than usual and go back to look at the reasons why the colonizers/invaders/dreamers came here and envision what they were trying to do. In doing that, we will re-look at the Declaration of Independence.

In Part 4 we will revisit the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to form a very broad perspective of those documents. We will ferret out what was envisioned and explore the limitations and the wisdom of those who produced them.

In Part 5 we will look at putting together Part 2, 3 and 4 of Section II. We will explore what was missed because of the lack of vision of white western men without the input of women and people of color/tribal people.

In Part 6 we will re-envision who we can be as a beacon for the planet. We will see how, as a nation, we need the input of those who do not look, think and or act like the white male majority and will, of course, include their perspective for this whole is who we CAN become.

In Part 7 we will pull all the threads together and dream (hope) a little.

Perhaps we really can realize our potential for ourselves as a race, all nature and the planet.


2 thoughts on “America Fulfilling Its Promise – Section II – Part 1 Introduction

  1. It is becoming increasingly disturbing to witness our President create one crisis after another avoiding resolving one by creating another. The level of dishonesty is reaching a critical mass. I know I am powerless and I am aware I’m developing an addiction to watching the news and anything to do with Trump

  2. Anne–You have taken my jumbled thoughts about myself and our country and put them into an organized and hopeful form. Thank you. I do believe we as individuals and citizens of the U.S. can recover. That you are willing to help lead the way gives me courage.

    With love and respect,
    Leslie H.

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