Enough of All This – What Hillary Needs to Do


Hillary needs to remember that a President serves all the people – even the “Deplorables.”

Both Hillary and Trump are “confused” by the rhetoric, insanity, hurt and anger in this country. Anything we feed grows and we have been “feeding” the wrong impulses.

One of the principles on which this country was built was that everyone – every group – has a littlie piece of the truth and we need all those pieces to be able to glimpse the whole. This whole is much more than any one piece or group can comprehend. I remember the story of the young Ojibwa girl who asked her elder, “Grandmother, why did we let the white people come? There were more of us. We could have killed them all?

And the old grandmother sadly and wistfully replied, “Because they needed us.”

For centuries, the older major civilizations had “lost their way.” America held the promise of creating something DIFFERENT with liberty and justice for all – FOR ALL. We need the wisdom hidden in all the pieces of the puzzle to keep us whole.

On the surface, we may not like what some people are saying, we may even find it “deplorable.” Yet, that is the very time we need to stop to listen for the hidden gems of truth that exist there so we can grow in wisdom and understanding.

A President of these UNITED States need not only to be a business leader and a warrior, she needs wisdom, compassion, and understanding which comes from the ability to respect and listen to those with whom she agrees and those with whom she disagrees.

She needs to listen to those families in Texas who have started the “Remembrance Project.” She needs to let the fearful, hateful right know that she is at least trying to hear and understand them and cut through the anger and the hatred. She needs to dig deep inside herself, shed the mantle of protection that she has felt that she had to wear to survive in an insane, hostile world (believe me, I know that one as a Native Woman) and regain her essence. She needs to shed all those cloaks of protective armor that others have thrown on her and she has thrown on herself. She needs to accept that what she has to bring to the table to serve this country at this time is who she is as an intelligent, compassionate woman with a wealth of experience and a broader perspective than any white male at this point in history can possibly have.

What better way can she show her concern for the environment than connecting the truth with what just happened to the pipeline in Tennessee and what the Native people of this country are trying to do at Wounded Knee?


The Native people of this land have always known that their purpose here is to protect nature and all of the planet including humans and not exclusive to humans. They are here to teach wholeness and balance. They also believe that we all have the responsibility to listen to those unlike ourselves because that wisdom can make us more whole. This “knowing” was inherent in the founding of these UNITED States.

The main focus of the news media on the pipeline break in Tennessee was on the price of gasoline. The real issue is what is happening to the environment. How interesting, simultaneously, the Native Americans are coming together to protest the building of such a pipeline across their sacred lands because of the environmental destruction it will cause. In these events, like many issues, we need a President who can respond to the larger spiritual issues for us all.

Hillary needs to find a way to show that there are issues on which we can come together by welcoming the view of her distractors as well as her supporters. She has the capacity to do this. Trump doesn’t. This should not and cannot be “OUR” America.

After all, this is the UNITED States of America and our commonalities, compassion and our differences are who we are and are our strengths. Our struggles and our growing pains if we use them to heal, grow and learn as individuals and as a nation give us the potential to become who and what we can become. These possibilities are what this country is really about.

Remember! This is no time to fan fears, this is time to pull our potentials together and listen to the richness of our differences to generate solutions. The practical should always be in the service of the important!

E Pluribus Unum



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