Insanity – On a National Level

Last night, I watched what was going on in Washington D.C. in horror and disbelief.

Those feelings have not been unusual this last year with the election process and the behavior in, between and among our “leaders” and last night reached a new level of low. Some time ago I said that my quotient of shock and disbelief had been completely depleted and now I find that even the reserves I did not know I had are depleted.

Is there no one in Washington who can be trusted to investigate the others while Putin laughs at them all?

How can a group that is so far out in leftfield, that represents less than 17% of the voters say that they have a mandate and their job is to “carry out their agenda?”

The lying and the delusions are so multilayered and multidimensional that there is no logical entry point for exposure.

The elected officials (mostly) and unelected officials are just like a falling-down drunk so obsessed with their particular, peculiar agenda fueled by their twisted beliefs and assumptions that they have completely lost sight of the reality that they are there as servants to serve the entire country.

The people, after they have ferreted out the lies and delusions under which they voted, have spoken and IT DOES NOT MATTER. The elected officials in Washington are there to CARRY THEIR PARTICULAR/PECULIAR BIASED AGENDA.

  • We, the public, need to hone up our skills and not let people lie their way into power like the President, VP, Congress and especially the Supreme Court.
  • As a nation, we have submerged our lie-detecting skills with materialism and greed. Enough is enough.

And, nobody really needs more than enough.

4 thoughts on “Insanity – On a National Level

  1. Agreed, Dr. Schaef. This contines to seem like a gathering of unrecoverable addicts. Listening to so many pontificate their absolute rightness of ideas and beliefs, without consideration or respect for others ways of seeing is so egocentric. And it seems no one in policy making positions are considering the ramifications of their acts upon the average people in our country, our world. Just like a world gone mad! Like a very bad dreams. Alas, it is our lived reality, and the effects of the casual actions will come home to roost in our lives before long. Thank you for this posting, and all the sanity thinking you bring to this insane world.

    1. Dear Barbara – Thank you for your support. It is good to know that there are still some of us (many, really, thank goodness!) who can distinguish sanity from insanity.

      Keep at it.



  2. I feel such dis-ease with all that’s going on and I appreciate Anne’s eagle eye on all of this. What comes up for me is to do our deep work with all that is so triggering (for me, anyway). Can we promote healing of the planet, our nation, at a cellular level, as we heal? Someone taught me this! (:

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