Nothing is Ever All Good or All Bad

The good news is – everyone who reads my new book Becoming a Hollow Bone absolutely loves it and finds it so helpful.

The bad news is – two fold – it is already sold out and the publisher did not order a re-print when he saw that this was happening.

The bad news is – – I don’t know what happened between my submission and the printing, and the way it came out was not user-friendly (in spite of that it is getting excellent responses) – –

As it was – 1) the type was much too small, 2) the “stories and tales” were not indented and in different type as they were in the manuscript, 3) the subject headings were not set out in different type so they read like hanging, unfinished sentences out of context and 4) it has not been checked by an excellent copy editor so there are typos and worse.

So, the good news is – since we need to come out with a new edition – soon we hope – Pete and I have gone over the entire manuscript several times with a fine tooth comb and the help of input from our readers, we are hoping for a clean, more reader-friendly edition soon.

“Anything worth doing is worth doing well.” Please do keep telling your friends to read it. Someday these first editions, like a mis-stamped coin, may be very valuable.

Who knows?

I am thanking all of you who were able to get a copy and have read it. Also, I am so grateful for your comments and feedback.

Thank you, thank you.

Anne Wilson Schaef

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