Remembering, Noticing and Participating

I have often mentioned that two of the most important skills we need to cultivate to live more fully in a life-enhancing paradigm are noticing and participating. Recently, I noticed how deeply disturbed and embarrassed I was with the way MY President of MY United States, treated the Prime Minister of Montenegro. Trump showed no […]

Morning Symphony

This morning, I awoke early to a spectacular, if delicate, art show outside my bedroom window. It only happens in the very early hours when the sun is low enough in the sky to be temporarily “caught” in the ethereal glisten of the spider webs hanging there. (We have an agreement, the spiders and I, […]

The Danger of Believing Our Beliefs and Our Thinking

Hi All, It was one of those days when I had so much to do I didn’t know where to start so I decided to do the unusual. I made myself a cup of tea, splashed with just a bit of stevia for a treat, kicked back in my favorite lounge chaise, put my feet […]

Racism Revisited – Alive and Well

Racism Revisited – Alive and Well I was recently asked by one of “my kids,” a sixteen-year-old high school student in Germany who had to do a term paper on Martin Luther King, to share my experience of that time with her. This is how I responded to her questions. I thought you might find […]

Colonization: An Idea and Practice Whose Time Should be Past

I promised to write more on this topic. Here it is. Last year, in honor of his 50th birthday and my 80th, Pete, my manager, and I were gifted with a seven-week boat trip on a Cunard ship. It went from Fort Lauderdale to Barbados (an island very dear to me), down the east coast […]