America Fulfilling Its Promise – Section I/Part 10

Pulling Together the “ISM” of a Dysfunctional Society and Washington, D.C. “Good liars create a convincing fiction. Great liars create a fiction that is true for them.” Addicts and co-dependents are great liars. I want to start this section by reiterating that I have been working intensively and closely with self-identified addicts and co-dependents for […]

America Fulfilling Its Promise – Part 4

Delving Into Addiction/Addictive Thinking After having worked intensely for 45 years with people who admit that they are addicts/codependents and know that they need help, I have developed some unique awarenesses about the disease. Initially, having a doctorate in psychology (thus having had three hours – count them, three hours – on addiction), I assumed […]

America Fulfilling its Promises – Part 3

Introduction to Looking at Society as an Addict All that is necessary for the forces of evil to prosper is for enough good people to do nothing . . . I feel very frightened and something else, very deep, I cannot even name (pain, sorrow, horror – and much more). What is happening right now […]