Update on Upcoming Publications

Apologies to my Blog Community. I haven’t posted for awhile so here’s an update:

I. Pete and I have been very busy preparing the second edition/printing of Becoming a Hollow Bone.

It turns out that between the manuscript we sent to the publisher and the one that was printed, something happened to the manuscript. The book, although getting a terrifically positive and enthusiastic response, turned out not to be reader-friendly and did not seem to have been copy edited.

So, we have spent a lot of time “correcting and fixing.” For me, it is much easier (and more fun) to write the original than do that kind of work. I am just not good at it.

Anyway, it is back at the publishers for – we hope – a quick second printing.


II. Then, just as we were about ready to send A Thousand Years of Peace and Prosperity And – – – They Will Be Ushered in By The Women in, I had the (what I thought) brilliant idea of writing another version of the book and bringing them out together.

The idea was that the original version I had written was more female/native. It is full of stories, examples, discussions and meanderings on various topics. It is written more in the female paradigm and does not conform to certain ways books are “supposed to be written.” Even I, when re-reading one of the chapters, began to feel overwhelmed and depressed. Then, as I stepped back from my naming and truth-telling, I realized that my “feelings” were exactly appropriate to the weight of the truth of the naming. These were not “disembodied concepts” I was presenting. They were “the way it is.” Responding on all levels of our being is a “good” thing – – ultimately – – as women are prone to do.

Yet, my White Male System (WMS)/Technological, Mechanistic, Materialistic-trained mind lazily prefers disembodied, abstract concepts. They can more easily be manipulated and dismissed.

What to do?

I decided to write a companion volume more in the WMS/TMM system that presented information mostly on one level of our being – the conceptual/disembodied level. Since I write the way I do, I was not completely successful in doing this adaptation as I find so much of reality “missing.”

Anyway, as we were about ready to send Number I to the publisher, I wrote a complete (and another) Number II so that my readers would have an opportunity to “experience” both paradigms.

This process, of course, resulted in both books having to be revised and changed to companion books. The whole process was exciting, exhausting, challenging and exhilarating.

Now, both are done and on their way to the publisher.

Again, whew!

Then, of course, I have two other books ready for the publisher – Journey to Total Societal Transformation and Tales of the Klamath River – which is a memoir of a time when my family “took a leave of absence” and lived with the Karuk Indians and gold-mined on the Klamath River.

AND, I am finishing up the other book I have been working on – Daily Reminders for Living a New Paradigm. We know more than we think we do about living in a healthier way on this planet. We have “forgotten” so much.

Again, whew!

And, I will be back to regular blogs soon.

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  1. Dear Anne,
    thank you so much. I am looking very much forward to all your new books.
    Your books help me to believe and hope for the better.

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