Becoming the Writer You Are

Boulder, Montana – July 28 – August 3 2018 (NEW DATE)

I believe that if you want to be a writer, you are. The issue is not just learning some tools and techniques (though useful), the real issue is the process of discovering the writer you are and learning to write out of that person.” Anne Wilson Schaef

Join us at Boulder Hot Springs for a wonderful opportunity to write in a supportive and beautiful atmosphere.  This retreat focuses on the process of writing for each individual, supporting and encouraging the creative writing process in each person.

It is not a workshop on techniques, rather it is a retreat which encourages writers to get in touch with their own writing process and style therefore becoming the writers that they are.

Participants will write every day with free time for “moodlin’ and doodlin’” as Brenda Ueland puts it. The process of making time and space for the creative process will be emphasized.

The group is limited to 20 people so that individual support and feedback can be given to share and process responses.

Anne will bring to the group her experience of writing and secrets about what has been helpful to her in publishing 16 books that have achieved international success.

Anne and her writing

Anne herself, went from being a “non-writer”, as pronounced by her university freshman English professor, to becoming a prolific world-renowned writer.

She is convinced that if one is comfortable with their own process of writing, the writing will come. The mechanics are easy and mechanics do not a writer make. They only oil the wheels—or not.  She has gone from the painfulness of writing to the need to write to the joy of writing.

Anne has done writer’s workshops in Hawaii, the mainland U.S., Europe and Australia. Not only have they been experienced with enthusiasm by all involved, all of the initial “non-writers” have emerged knowing they are writers with some becoming award-winning and published authors.


When:    July 28 – August 3 2018

Where:  The beautiful, historic Boulder Hot Springs Spa and Retreat Center in Boulder, Montana, USA. (The healing setting and the spa will most certainly enhance our writing experience.)

Cost:  $1,000 USD, plus room, meals and travel

Limited to 20 participants.

To book your place, complete the REGISTRATION FORM and send it and a check to the address on the form.  For non US residents, email regarding payment.

Or if you have any questions or need further information, email

Your time to write

We strongly suggest that you come alone for this week and take the time you need for yourself and your writing. If spouses, friends, or family want to join you to explore and experience this wonderful place and the beauty of Montana, we suggest that they join you before or after your writing week so your entire focus can be on you, your process of writing and your relationship with your writing.


One person in a regular room is $60 per night. Upgrade to B&B room at $20 per night additional. Meals: $50 per day; $12 breakfast, $17 lunch, $21 dinner.

To reserve room and board, please contact Boulder Hot Springs at 406-225-4339 or email Address: P.O. Box 930, Boulder Montana 59632.