There are various ways you can explore and participate in Anne Wilson Schaef’s work:

Exciting News!

The new, revised edition of Living in Process is now out! Not only does this book include the basis of the healing work that we do throughout the world, it also provides an alternative to the unreal, phony world we have created through our ungrounded, scientific constructs and our non-spiritual belief systems. I have had the feedback that reading this book reminds us of what is real and true of our “knowing”.

All is process and everything is process. We, ourselves, are a process.

I am hopeful and excited to bring out this revised edition to help us all re-connect with reality and move out of our illusionary world which does little, if anything, to feed the soul of our being.

This book helps us return to who we are and who we can be.


Happy reading!

Anne Wilson Schaef, Ph.D.

Speaking and workshop engagements

Anne is regularly invited to share her wisdom from the podium in Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.  Check back on this page or follow Anne on Facebook or Twitter to find out about future events.


Anne writes a regular blog, sharing her wisdom on issues from the personal to the global.

Writers Retreats

Anne shares her experience and wisdom on her writing process and facilitates others to do the same through her week-long Writers Retreats.  Send an email to if you’d like to be informed of the next Writers Retreat.

Audio and video

Anne’s YouTube channel includes both audio and video of talks and interviews she has done over the years.  You can watch and listen to several hours of her sharing here.

Anne also did a radio interview recently.  You can listen to it here.

Social Media

Anne posts regularly to Facebook and Twitter.  Connect with Anne now to keep up to date.


Members of the Living in Process network who have worked with Anne for many years offer Living in Process intensives/workshops in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.   The intensives are a great way to experience the work that Anne pioneered.  For more information, go to the Living in Process website.