Tutu Mango

Tutu* Mango She stood there Hawaiian proud Hawaiian strong legs firmly rooted in her Rich Hawaiian A’ina Proud, Brave, Passionate, Generous Her fisted hands resting on her ample hips Her gaze Reaching for her Hawaiian sky Her proud girth much larger than my arms could reach a waist that would be an embarrassment to and […]

On Taking Care of Oneself

I just had a wonderful voicemail from one of my friends after my first eye surgery. In it, she talked about her needing to room alone when traveling and needing time to be alone. She put it in terms of introvert/extrovert. I was reminded of the time I took the psychological test for introversion-extroversion. It […]

Some Thoughts

Some Thoughts I am sitting here looking out over the greenest possible meadow, with the accompaniment of my favorite Hawaiian artist, Ledward, a chorus of birds, the sounds of the waterfall and the slight creaking whispers of the bamboo grove. If ever there was cause for celebration and gratitude, this surely must be it. Hawaii, […]