The Care and Feeding of Our Souls

The early part of my life was spent in the Bible Belt. As a child, living among the Cherokee version of the teachings of Jesus, I learned that the most important thing in my life was my relationship with my God and the care and feeding of my soul, however best I could do that. […]

Beyond the Fringe

There used to be a wonderful comic group from London in which Dudley Moore got his start. It was called Beyond the Fringe. It was a lot like Saturday Night Live. One of their funniest routines was a skit about the nightly BBC news broadcast during World War II. They always started their newscast with […]

Healing on All Levels

  We as human beings are so constructed as not to be perfect. We are not a mistake and we, and our ancestors, have made many mistakes. Even scientists like Bruce Lipton have become aware, like our ancestors knew, that our DNA not only holds our genetic material for our inherited physical traits, we have […]

The Role of Women and Indigenous People in Personal, Societal and Planetary Transformation

If there is one topic that major political parties, disparate societies, individuals and the entire planet can agree upon it is that homo sapiens have not done a great job of developing creative and functional individuals or societies. Back in the 1970’s, Frank Fools Crow, the great spiritual leader of the Lakota Sioux, said to […]