America Fulfilling Its Promise – Part 6

Self-Centeredness In relation to the disease process of addiction, self-centeredness is seen as one of its basic characteristics. Let us be very clear at the beginning. This kind of self-centeredness of the addict is way beyond what we would normally see in a selfish person. In the addictive brand of self-centeredness, EVERYTHING that happens anywhere, […]

America Fulfilling Its Promise – Part 5

Dishonesty as a Characteristic of an Addictive Society We have explored the fact that the society we have developed in the USA (and which came with our ancestors – even though they were trying to get away from it!!) is becoming a sicker and sicker addictive society, destructive to itself and others. As we explored […]

America Fulfilling Its Promise – Part 4

Delving Into Addiction/Addictive Thinking After having worked intensely for 45 years with people who admit that they are addicts/codependents and know that they need help, I have developed some unique awarenesses about the disease. Initially, having a doctorate in psychology (thus having had three hours – count them, three hours – on addiction), I assumed […]

America Fulfilling its Promises – Part 3

Introduction to Looking at Society as an Addict All that is necessary for the forces of evil to prosper is for enough good people to do nothing . . . I feel very frightened and something else, very deep, I cannot even name (pain, sorrow, horror – and much more). What is happening right now […]

America Fulfilling Its Promise – Part 2

Understanding Washington, D.C. For every “drunk” there are several “trained” Al-Anon’s. Al-Anon’s are people who are relating to a person who is an addict. The “addict” is not necessarily a person who is using drugs or alcohol. An addict is a person who acts out of the addictive paradigm and is dishonest, self-centered, controlling, and […]

America Fulfilling Its Promise – Part I

Returning to “The Land of the Free – The Home of the Brave” I find it distressing, embarrassing, and painful to be an American right now. I am distressed with how insane and self-centered we are as a society. I am embarrassed with many of the people we have in Washington D.C. “representing” us. And, […]

Insanity – On a National Level

Last night, I watched what was going on in Washington D.C. in horror and disbelief. Those feelings have not been unusual this last year with the election process and the behavior in, between and among our “leaders” and last night reached a new level of low. Some time ago I said that my quotient of […]