Writer’s Retreat

Well, I’m back!

After taking some time out to heal my now 84-year-old body and get it back to top speed again, and, after dealing with the most disastrous flood I have ever experienced on my precious healing place on my beloved island of Kauai, I’m ready to get back in the saddle.

The first thing I want to do is announce a change of date for the Writer’s Retreat at beautiful Boulder Hot Springs in Boulder, Montana.

As some of you know, this old Montana landmark was facing demolition when a group of us banded together to “save” it and have been “restoring” it for almost 30 years.

The Inn itself is built on land that was considered “sacred” by the first people of this land so all could come to these “healing” waters.  The first nations came here to heal, trade, and have ceremonies.  Even tribes who were intensely “hostile” to one another would not fight here.

We have tried to carry on this spiritual tradition and provide a simple, historic place where people can come to heal, grow, and learn.

The Writer’s Retreat is one such opportunity for healing, growing and learning.

I have come to believe that if you want to write, you already are a writer and just need to emerge and if you haven’t wanted to write, maybe you just aren’t aware of it yet. Look at me, I was a confirmed non-writer.  I thought I could die after I “fulfilled my orders” to write my first book, and am now a New York Times bestseller, have 18 or so books out and have sold over five million books worldwide. Surprise!

I love these workshops in which we have the time and space to explore what we have inside of us and let it come out.

This year’s Writer’s Retreat is now scheduled from July 28thto August 3rdat the beautiful old Boulder Hot Springs in Boulder, Montana.

If you want more information contact us at wsa@gte.net, or Wilson Schaef Associates, PO Box 990 Boulder, MT 59632 or check out this link:

Writer’s Retreat with Anne Wilson Schaef

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