Remembering, Noticing and Participating

I have often mentioned that two of the most important skills we need to cultivate to live more fully in a life-enhancing paradigm are noticing and participating. Recently, I noticed how deeply disturbed and embarrassed I was with the way MY President of MY United States, treated the Prime Minister of Montenegro. Trump showed no […]

America Fulfilling Its Promise – Section II – Part 4

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights First of all, I want to thank Donald Trump and all of our elected officials in Washington for the honor and necessity of this exploration that I am finding I need to do to try to understand what is happening to my nation and why. Not only do […]

America Fulfilling Its Promise – Section II – Part 3

Ignorance of certain subjects is a great part of wisdom. Hugo De Groot The Reason for American Society I cannot tell you exactly what was in the minds, hearts and souls of those who came to “found” what has become these United States. I am much clearer about those who were already here and what […]

America Fulfilling Its Promise – Section II – Part 2

The Wisdom of Those Who Were Here When the refugees (explorers/Founders of this Country/Invaders/exploiters/Colonizers /White Western refugees) first came to this country they did not find an empty land. They found many groups of people living here and caring for these lands. As groups, they had many characteristics in common and also some very large […]

America Fulfilling Its Promise – Section II – Part 1 Introduction

  It is difficult to find solutions when we do not know and understand what the problems are. In Section I we have explored the problems that are currently facing us as individuals, a society and nation, and as a human race. We have taken a peek and seen that our elected officials have been […]

America Fulfilling Its Promise – Section I/Part 10

Pulling Together the “ISM” of a Dysfunctional Society and Washington, D.C. “Good liars create a convincing fiction. Great liars create a fiction that is true for them.” Addicts and co-dependents are great liars. I want to start this section by reiterating that I have been working intensively and closely with self-identified addicts and co-dependents for […]

America Fulfilling Its Promise – Section I/Part 9

The Loss of a Moral Base and a Relationship with a Power Greater Than Ourselves The Twelve Step Program for recovery from addictions has some wisdom to share with us at this point in our progression. As I said earlier, when I began to realize I was working with addicts, I decided to attend Twelve […]

America Fulfilling Its Promise – Part 8

Fear and Anger As we have looked at the characteristics of addiction as we have seen them played out in individuals and societies, I hope we can see that the societies that we fear and hate have evolved in the same directions we have as we have sunk further and further into the Addictive System. […]

America Fulfilling Its Promise – Part 7 – Section I

The Illusion of Control Many of us who have worked with addicts over a period of time think of dishonesty, self-centeredness, and the illusion of control as the three legs that hold the stool of the ism of addiction up. Certainly these three are key and seem to be heavy contributors to the resultant addictive […]