New Age Recovery

New Age Recovery The twelve-step program, like us all, is contaminated by the culture in which it exists. A big part of recovery is the process of seeing that this contamination is true, and detaching ourselves, and what is important to us, from that culture. For some of us who have been around twelve-step programs […]


ANNOUNCEMENT – NEW BOOK OUT¨ After almost four years at the publishers, the first book I wrote after my self-imposed writing sabbatical is out.  Becoming a Hollow Bone is now available by sending an email to and will soon be available on and other booksellers. Please buy it for yourself and others and help […]

Racism Revisited – Alive and Well

Racism Revisited – Alive and Well I was recently asked by one of “my kids,” a sixteen-year-old high school student in Germany who had to do a term paper on Martin Luther King, to share my experience of that time with her. This is how I responded to her questions. I thought you might find […]