Living in Process is the on-going, growing, changing, healing work started and developed by Anne.

The Living in Process paradigm is one of living our lives fully. We learn to “take our place” and participate fully in our own lives, with others in meaningful relationships, with nature, recognizing that we are nature, and with our spirituality, however we may define and express that spirituality for ourselves.

A necessary step in learning to live our lives in a deeper and more meaningful way is recognizing habits and ways of seeing, thinking, acting, relating and being that sacrifice our wholeness. We have found that addictions, both ingestive and process, are a major way we avoid intimacy with ourselves, our spirituality, and others, and experience fragmentation. As we treat the addictive process within ourselves and start recovering from it, we literally begin to do life differently.

As we begin to let go of our addictions, we start to have feelings and submerged deep processes begin to come up.

To read and learn more about Living in Process, Anne has written several books that you might find helpful. “Living in Process”, and “Beyond Therapy, Beyond Science” are both highly recommended. To view or order Anne’s books go to Books.

To find out more about participating in the Living in Process work, including intensives held around the world, go to the Living in Process website (or the German Living in Process website).

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