Words of Wisdom for Women Who Do Too Much…

Hi There, I just wanted to let you know that the Words of Wisdom for Women Who Do Too Much Cards app is one of the featured apps we will be discounting this month through the major app outlets, including iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Nook. The app is now discounted 67% to $2.99 from December 26th to […]

Quit Screwing Around with Our Minds

Recently, I sat down with our “foreign exchange student,” Annika. Believe me, having a seventeen-year-old in the house when I am almost eighty-one is sooo much fun, a challenge, and an opportunity for so much remembering and learning. This week, she came home with two poems that she was supposed to analyze and compare and […]


Changing a Mood I have been a group facilitator for most of my life. I was “trained” as a group facilitator back in the early 1950’s and have since then worked as a group facilitator in one way or another – therapy groups, conscious-raising groups, organizational consultant, church groups and classes. Working with groups large […]