Opening Thoughts About Colonization

 Hawaiian Sovereignty


                              Two friends

                              were sent

                              to jail



                              For in

                              the courts

                              there was

                              no way

                              for justice

                              to be



Anne Wilson Schaef  1992

I have recently really been struggling with the issue of Colonization around the world and will be writing more about this later.

4 thoughts on “Opening Thoughts About Colonization

  1. Good on you for writing about colonisation Anne. Until those in positions of influence take the time to try and understand the impacts of colonisation… a number of our world’s citizens will be at best misunderstood and at worst victimised.

  2. Dear Anne, an important issue. I was very touched by your poem, especially the part “no way for justice to be served…” I remember the book “the circle and the cross” very good from Caiseal Mor. It is a fantasy book what you recommended and for me there was so much learnings in it about ” reality”, christianisation, colonalization in Ireland. I am very interested in further thoughts about colonization. Greeetings Marianne

  3. I have had two close friends that had court experience recently, they didn’t find justice either. Someone winning and someone loosing doesn’t mean justice. I am also grateful that you are writing about colonization. As a country we have abused it mightly. Annie

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