America Fulfilling Its Promise – Part 2

Understanding Washington, D.C.

For every “drunk” there are several “trained” Al-Anon’s.

Al-Anon’s are people who are relating to a person who is an addict. The “addict” is not necessarily a person who is using drugs or alcohol. An addict is a person who acts out of the addictive paradigm and is dishonest, self-centered, controlling, and exhibits confused, disorganized, alcoholic-like thinking. Alcoholic thinking is often thinking which sounds very logical and rational, if you accept the insane premise on which it is built, AND it makes no sense.

In order for the “addict” to continue to function, he/she has to surround himself/herself with Al-Anon’s/co-dependents/ENABLERS.

  • Such is the situation in Washington, D.C. (Nunes right now) – “Trying to do the ‘right’ thing for the wrong reasons in a ‘sick’ situation!”

For example –

I have noticed that most of the Republicans have become Al-Anon’s, co-dependents, enablers. Many do not agree with Trump and, like all Al-Anon’s, they are willing to “sell their souls” to try to get what they think they need to survive. Sometimes, this means learning how to “live with the devil.” Every Al-Anon knows this dilemma.

We begin to hear (like we are now) phrases like –

“Oh, it’s not so bad.”

“I can handle it.”

“Wait to see. Maybe it will get better.” (This is a favorite of battered women, along with “I love him. He really loves me.”)

Or, like with the Supreme Court Justice – “If he chooses someone else, he would be worse.” Al-Anon’s use “if only” and “what if” to survive.

  • It is often said in recovery circles – “For an Al-Anon/co-dependent/enabler, hope is a character defect.”

Al-Anon’s are as dangerous as the “drunk” in their swath of destruction. They just do it so nicely while trying to be “good” and look good.

Al-Anonism is also a dysfunctional disease.


4 thoughts on “America Fulfilling Its Promise – Part 2

  1. You speak the truth, with great clarity. I have over the years, come to see, women are trained to enable, rather than be peacemakers, which is their biological nature. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  2. It’s so easy to point the finger at the person who is most outrageous and I love that you are calling out the people who are being placatory and minimising how it really is.

  3. just seeing your work in print is a blessing to the world….i fell in love with your process when i was in seminary and i learned to work in your way of process in a workshop i had with you several years later and i try to keep remembering what you have taught me over time…blessings sister….and thanks

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