America Fulfilling Its Promise – Part 8

Fear and Anger

As we have looked at the characteristics of addiction as we have seen them played out in individuals and societies, I hope we can see that the societies that we fear and hate have evolved in the same directions we have as we have sunk further and further into the Addictive System.

I also want to point out that recovery is possible if we want it and want to do the work.

Fear and anger are the perfect fuel for the growth and development of an addictive society as they are for the individual addict.

The Illusion of Control

When one believes in the illusion of control and that it is possible to control people, places and things, that person is always failing.

That person is failing or afraid of failing with her/his spouse.

That person is failing or afraid of failing with her/his family (children) and friends.

That person is failing in her/his spirituality – because – ultimately, there is none.

That person is failing with almost everything.

Even the people they elected are not able to control what they promise to control and they have to lie to create an illusion that they are.

We would like to believe them and as the evidence piles up that they are operating out of a dysfunctional, addictive paradigm, our system of denial begins to crumble – – which generates more fear and anger.

People can use that fear and anger to get elected and when they are operating out of the same dysfunctional paradigm, they cannot control the uncontrollable.

Fear and anger are a logical consequence.

We don’t trust ourselves.

We have lost connection with that place in ourselves that connects with the all that is. We may think of that place and even believe in it and we cannot feel it. We cannot find it.

No wonder we are angry and fearful.

We live in a personal space, and a cultural space that through our adherence to an addictive paradigm we are robbed of an active living experience of something greater than ourselves with which we are connected. We use anger and we are fearful – characteristics of an addict.

What happens to our souls (our inner beings) when we become those we hate and do not trust?


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