America Fulfilling Its Promise – Section II, Part 5

Visioning and Re-visioning our Roots Section II, Part 5, Combining Parts 2,3 and 4

In this section, we will try to pull together what we could have learned from those who went before us. We will briefly look at what we may have missed and/or forgotten from the founding of our country and what we may need to revisit, remember, and relearn to move ahead.

We, as a country, have a history of some rather unique and far-reaching ideals embedded in our founding which seem in peril as we move forward. Unless we name them and name how we have ignored and drifted away from some of these basic ideals, we will never become the country we could and need to be.

In Part 2 of this section, we took a brief look at the wisdom and functionality that existed in this land before the colonizers/invaders/ “lost ones” arrived.

It seems that there were functional civilizations that existed here before the newcomers arrived who “knew” that the “new ones” would be coming. The original people not only knew how to live on and with this land and take care of it, they had, embedded in their culture, wisdom and “knowings” about what the “newcomers” needed. These traits of honesty, living with the land, and a deep broad-based spirituality were not as functional in those who came. Probably the most important of these traits was a deeply innate moral compass that included justice, freedom, respect for all, and honor.

We are badly in need of that deep moral compass right now.

In Part 3 of Section II, we looked at the reason the people came, what they had left behind and what they were seeking. They were seeking religious freedom, they were fleeing a hierarchal governmental structure and seeking a participatory justice system where all were equal (at least this is what they said). Did you know that there were no “poor” before these “invaders” came because there was not a structural hierarchy? We have created the poor and the excluded with our focus on money (as a cultural demeaning tool) and hierarchy. “Liberty (freedom) and justice for all” means just that. In order to have “liberty and justice for all,” we have to have an active and accurate moral compass from which to operate. Our founding “fathers” were seeking this way of living and were not able to see or recognize it.

A democracy is not easy, it requires participation, involvement, speaking the truth to power and LISTENING. Many of these qualities are in jeopardy right now. In a democracy, we need laws – laws that are fair to all people. Congress has lost its way on this one.

It was inspiring to read the Declaration of Independence. It reaffirmed that – to reiterate –

  • This country is more than a political possibility.
  • It is more than a monetary/business/financial potential.
  • It is more than a colonization.
  • It is more than a population expansion.
  • It is more than a playground for business expansion and using up its resources.

We need to remember what it can be, not just what our small minds tell us.

Part 4 – The Constitution and Bill of Rights

I found these two documents less inspiring than the Declaration of Independence. It seems to me, in these documents – which started out good – there is evidence of our gradual loss of the guidance of a moral compass. There is a steady and gradual movement toward the illusion of control. This is what we see in the individual addict and this is what we see as society becomes an addict and progressively dysfunctional.

The preamble explores our ideals and then when we seek to operationalize them we fall back on our “dysfunctional thinking” and old behaviors. Perhaps if we had a more balanced bunch of people (women and minorities) who are in touch with their internal moral compass, crafting and passing these “ways” to implement our ideals, we would have done better.

I found it especially interesting to study the various political parties (yes, there are many!) and to realize that “my America” does not sound like it is represented by any of them (especially the Democrats and Republicans!). I was shocked to realize this reality.

So, in summary, doing all this reading, research, and going back to read all our founding documents and the histories of our political parties has been exhausting, enlightening, hopeful, fearful and extremely rewarding.

Now, I am ready to move on to Section III which will be, based on what I have written before, solutions, potentials and possibilities of an “evolved” United States of America – one that operations out of a very active and very deep moral compass.

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