Hi Everyone,

I just want to catch everyone up on what’s new and what I have been doing with my time for the last month or so.

It seems like much has been going on as I have been quite busy.

First, and very importantly, we have been spending a lot of time with Annika, our exchange student from Germany who is living with us and going to school in the USA this year. We have known Annika since she was in the womb and it is great to have her with us for the year.

Having a teenager in the house is a lot different – – actually that is quite an understatement. We are loving it, and she is absolutely wonderful. She and Pete went to the “Hogs” (University of Arkansas Razorbacks) football game last Saturday. It was her first American college football game and they repaid her visit by winning handily. There were over 67,000 people there! Can you imagine? She and Pete came home excited to their toes.

Other than the “routines” of taking her to the school bus – we live way out in the sticks beyond where any school bus comes – checking on homework, and trying to make American subjects and teachers understandable, we have been helping her to get ready for college entrance exams (ACT’s), decide on a major (journalism), choose the college she wants to attend, and fill out entrance and scholarship applications. It was so much easier when I was her age! And it is great fun with much learning attached.

In addition to the above, we have been standing by and supporting two wonderful friends who are battling cancer and one is, unfortunately, battling the after effects of what seems to have been an overzealous surgeon. We love them both and feel privileged to be with them through this process.

I, myself, have been on a writing binge. My first book to come out in years finally arrived this past week. It was held up at the publishers for four years.

I am so happy to have it out and the cover was worth waiting for. The title is Becoming a Hollow Bone: Responding to the Call of Our Ancestral Blood. I hope you all will get it and tell your friends as I have been getting good feedback on it.

In addition to the usual emails, running workshops, having an International Gathering of Native Elders, and a two-week session of the Living in Process international network, I sat with a friend’s dying process and officiated at her funeral, spent several days with my friend in California who has cancer and attended and helped officiate at a wedding of people I love in Seattle.

During the rest of my time, in these last three months, I have finished and prepared four books for publication. And – – I hope to finish the fifth one in the next few weeks.

The first book to come out will be Total Societal Transformation – need I say more?

The second will be Tales from the Klamath River – – when I was five years old (1939), my mother, father, and I took a leave of absence from his work in Arkansas, joined some friends living with Karuk Indians on the Klamath River and mined for gold. I believe it was one of the most important times in each of our lives and impacted our entire lives, individually and as a family.

More about the two books that will follow later (they are finished and ready to go) which I hope will be as important or more so than anything I have read to date.

4 thoughts on “Catch-Up

  1. Dear Anne,
    thanks so much for all you are doing. I loved reading this update on what happened in your live for the last month. Sounds like a lot of fun and hard work. Very inspiring. I am so much looking forward to your new books and your transforming insights.

  2. …addendum … i also am very touched with your supporting your friends in there process dealing with cancer … the total transformation speaks to me and seems more then overdue.

  3. i love getting your updates. So good to hear what you have been up to in the last little while. Looking forward to reading your recently published book and the others that are to follow

  4. Dearest Anne,
    As I look over my adult learning life I find your work to be a continuous ‘golden thread’ within the tapestry of my personal and professional becoming.
    My husband and i are both Marble Carriers from Round Lake and this was the transformational time within which I was first introduced to your books and work.
    Now I stand on the threshold of a new venture into business having just registered BRIDGING EXPERIENCE…educational research and consulting….we will be assisting Chinese doctor’s coming to BC to further their practic skills and knowledge for 3 month experiential learning.
    Thank you for being such an encourager through sharing your voice about social relationships and connectedness that has often been actively silenced and discouraged by dominant perspectives.
    I am grateful to be able to walk this path with you….
    In solidarity,
    ~ k

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