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I have written extensively about the human mind and health (illness) and how the human mind (under certain circumstances) can distort anything. The major causes of our mind distortions are fear and our beliefs. Mentally caused problems (which are most of our fears) are usually based on our belief that we can – or should be able to – control people, places and things – everything.

This belief that we should be and can be able to control absolutely everything is one of, if not the greatest, shared illusion in Western culture.

This illusion of control so permeates our culture that the constant inability to fulfill this illusion causes great personal, professional, and cultural stresses, fears and anxieties.

  • If we believe we can and should be able to control absolutely everything, we are always putting ourselves under pressure.
  • If we believe we can and should be able to control everything and everyone, we are always faced with failure.

Just look around you – inside and outside yourself – and see if both of these statements are not ultimately true.

Oh, some of the powerful and wealthy may be able to live this illusion for a while AND, ultimately, control is an illusion. This truth is the major reason why leaders, as well as cities and states and nations have failed.

There is no way to build a healthy person, a healthy institution, a healthy society, or a healthy planet on the illusion of control.

  • Participation is possible. Control is not.
  • We can participate with the process of ourselves. We can participate in our relationships – all of them – and we cannot control them.
  • We can participate with others and our world. We cannot control them or it. We need to see that we cannot control much of anything. We can kill and/or destroy them and we cannot control them. All too often, Western culture has resorted to destruction to feed its illusion of control.

To have real relationships with anyone or anything, we have to have two teeming, alive, processing infinity signs. One is within ourselves and the other moves between ourselves and the other.

In order to be a fully alive, growing, healing, full person, we have to be inside ourselves, knowing ourselves, growing with ourselves, aware of ourselves and connected. We have to have a teeming infinity sign within ourselves that goes beyond ourselves in two (at least) directions. This infinity sign in motion does not end with our physical boundaries. Since it is an energy and not material, it goes through our feet, and must be grounded in the wholeness of the earth and all nature. We need this grounding.

For example, in the past when I have lived in the city, I have felt the need to go outside the city where the earth is not concreted over. I have needed to have my feet on the earth and “feel” nature around me and within me. There were times that I would stand on the earth of the few trees planted in small plots in the street when I “needed” to do that. The issue was that I needed never to forget that I am nature and part of it, not above it. That truth is my reality.

Also, that perpendicular infinity sign needs to flow out of the top of my head, connect me with and return inside me from the “All That Is,” “God,” a “Higher Power,” Jesus, Allah, whatever that Power of the Universe is for you. All of our spiritual teachers have known that.

  • This necessary “flow” is definitely not our thinking or our minds. It is something much greater than our minds and something deeper and more powerful than our minds.
  • It is our “oneness” with the All That Is.

To relate in any meaningful, real way, we must have an infinity sign of moving energy flow that connects us with the moving flow of the material plane on which we live, the earth, and also one that connects us beyond to the place where we are all one. We need to remember that these infinity signs are moving, pulsating, energy flows, ever-changing and connecting us with the energy that is the “ALL” the “BEYOND” the All That Is.

Then, in order to have real relationships with another, a group or everything and anything, we must have another teeming, pulsating, moving energy-like process that goes horizontally from one person to another or one and a group or with the many or with everything. This “connection” is like a multidimensional flow that connects us.

This energy flow is sent from the heart region to the solar plexus of one to another, to a group or to many. When it reaches the other, it enters through the solar plexus and travels up to the heart region. If persons are open and functioning well, they add to it and send it back from the heart region – thus forming an infinity sign between two people, the many or the all. Thus, they have the potential of endless connectedness. It is what we do with it that forms the myriad of throbbing, pulsating infinity signs that are possible connections.

These two vertical and horizontal infinity signs are absolutely essential for the continuance of personal and planetary life.

Distortions of these infinity signs into quid-pro-quo or an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth WILL destroy all life on this planet.

And, what is fragile is also very strong.

It is what we do with it that makes the difference.

This energy is, indeed, very powerful and very fragile at the same time. If I am angry with you or even feeling not open, when the energy comes to me, I won’t let it in. If my infinity sign that passes between me, my grounding and my Higher Power is in good shape, I will have plenty to add to the energy flow as it travels down my body and I will add to it and build on it as I send it back to my solar plexus to send back to the other. If I am feeling depleted or stingy, I won’t add to it. And so it goes.

It is our mental states that make the difference.

For example, when the vertical infinity is flowing freely, it is much easier to step out of the way and let our horizontal infinity signs flow freely.

  • Then, we can have open, flowing relationships going in every direction. These relationships do best when no thinking is involved. These relationships are beyond thinking.

Yet, sometimes, without even being aware, we begin to think. We start to use these free flowing relationships. We try to set up a quid-pro-quo relationships – you scratch me and I’ll scratch you – we count – we quantify – we step out of the flowing of the two pulsating relationships with the vertical and the horizontal and we want to get what we can get and run. We become selfish and self-centered.

  • Our self-centered thinking interferes. “What else can I get?” “What is she/he trying to get?” “I don’t necessarily want to be one up and I sure don’t want to be one down, so I go one up.”

These unbalanced relationships never feel good. And they aren’t!

  • Or they move into – how much can I exploit and get?
  • Or, God forbid, they move into an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth – revenge.

We have taken a process that was good, healing, and holy and with our minds turned it into something that is destructive.

We have left the beautiful energy flow of balance and exploited it into poison.

All because of a misuse of the human mind.

  • Use the mind for the good of all and everyone will benefit.
  • Use the human mind destructively and we all will be destroyed.


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