Changing a Mood
I have been a group facilitator for most of my life. I was “trained” as a group facilitator back in the early 1950’s and have since then worked as a group facilitator in one way or another – therapy groups, conscious-raising groups, organizational consultant, church groups and classes. Working with groups large and small has been an integral part of my life and I continue to be fascinated with the myriad of ways groups function and what can happen in groups that could never happen in work with individuals. Over 35 years ago, I started working only with groups for healing and learning. They are just so much more powerful and the amount of experience, knowledge, resources, alertness, and wisdom is multiplied a hundred times more than what can be possible with one person (that is, of course, if one is open to admit wisdom and experience other than one’s own!)

What I have noticed over the years is that humor can change the mood and direction of a group naturally. I tend to believe that “techniques” used as “techniques” are disruptive and destructive to the spirit of the group. And, when a group is getting tired, for example, if something funny is said, a person teased, or a quip is blurted out – – the whole mood of the group changes and the group is again open for more learning.

Spontaneous humor is a great game-changer.

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  1. Anne, I am about half way into Hollow Bone. I’m intentionally reading it slowly and focusing on one chapters concepts for several days and then moving on to the next.I’m finding this process fun and consciousness raising.And nobody even knows I’m doing it. What a great book and I plan to read and reread for years. Thanks for throwing this chip of a book out into the world.

    Patrick Barnes

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