The Role of Women and Indigenous People in Personal, Societal and Planetary Transformation

If there is one topic that major political parties, disparate societies, individuals and the entire planet can agree upon it is that homo sapiens have not done a great job of developing creative and functional individuals or societies. Back in the 1970’s, Frank Fools Crow, the great spiritual leader of the Lakota Sioux, said to […]

We Need a Larger Perspective

Sometimes it is easier to grasp personal issues. We can see that we “might” have problems individually and ways of growing and are getting better. Whether it is emotionally, physically, spiritually, or mentally, most of us, if we are at all open, can see that we have “cutting edges” that can be expanded and deepened. […]

Men (and Women) Moving On

To follow up on my last blog, Thank You Trump Boys, I want to explore some of the myths of what I all the White Male System/Addictive System/ Technological, Mechanistic, Materialistic System. In my first book, published in 1981, as a young second-wave feminist, very early on I realized that we were not just dealing […]

Change – Real Change

Do we really want change? The word change is bandied about a great deal these days. Yet, what do we mean when we use the word and what levels of change are we talking about and ready for? For me, I am interested in major change and I am not going to get it by […]

On Taking Care of Oneself

I just had a wonderful voicemail from one of my friends after my first eye surgery. In it, she talked about her needing to room alone when traveling and needing time to be alone. She put it in terms of introvert/extrovert. I was reminded of the time I took the psychological test for introversion-extroversion. It […]