America Fulfilling Its Promise – Section II – Part 2

The Wisdom of Those Who Were Here When the refugees (explorers/Founders of this Country/Invaders/exploiters/Colonizers /White Western refugees) first came to this country they did not find an empty land. They found many groups of people living here and caring for these lands. As groups, they had many characteristics in common and also some very large […]


Most native people have no word for spirituality. The reason is not that they have none. They most certainly do. The reason is that spirituality is so omnipresent and involved in everything that it is a given. One does not need to separate it out – – from anything – – because it exists everywhere, […]

An Interesting Current Noticing

I have noticed some interesting new trends of late. I have noticed the most surprising saying that we need to be “colorblind” and quit singling out Blacks, Hispanics, Latinos, Native Americans and people with different sexual orientation. These people saying this are going on to say something like, “We are all the same.” Interestingly enough, […]

Some Thoughts

Some Thoughts I am sitting here looking out over the greenest possible meadow, with the accompaniment of my favorite Hawaiian artist, Ledward, a chorus of birds, the sounds of the waterfall and the slight creaking whispers of the bamboo grove. If ever there was cause for celebration and gratitude, this surely must be it. Hawaii, […]