Alpha Males

There has been some attempt lately by Donald Trump’s son and others to excuse being disrespectful and obnoxious to women by saying it is “just Alpha Male behavior.”

It is difficult for me to believe that these people are basically saying, “Oh, just ignore this behavior. They are acting like dinosaurs. It is quite normal.”

I can see that at some point in our evolution as human beings that there was a time when the male of the species had to beat on his chest, issue forth loud, threatening roars and “protect” the child-bearing person of the species.

I can also see how an undeveloped species might develop the delusion that because of their behavior they came to believe that they were “superior.”

I can also see how in the way the human mind works (from what I have studied and observed), that these creatures would have come to believe not only that they were superior and could do whatever they wanted to the other half of the species, they had the right to define and run the planet.

  • Water will flow wherever it can force a path.
  • I have yet to understand why our women ancestors and many of our current females of the species did not/do not take a club to the men in their lives and knock some sense in their heads. Could they not see how much more difficult life would be for us all with centuries of sexual domination?!

Yet, as a species, we have been slow to develop in this area. And, thanks to this slowness, we have a lot of work to do now.

We have evolved in many ways and there are others where we are still rolling around with the Neanderthals. Behavior that may have been necessary for survival when it started, like many other behaviors, is no longer useful. It is destructive and disgusting.

  • Let’s face it people – the Alpha Male is just out of style – – by centuries.
  • How much we have missed and are missing with the perpetuation of the Alpha Male!

For example, we have long moved past the role of sex as the necessary way to populate the planet and perpetuate the species. Indeed, the planet is over-populated and we, ourselves, are the greatest threat to perpetuating the species.

  • Some things just get confused and outdated.

There are some people on the planet that have learned that sex can be and probably should be a spiritual experience. It can be a form of intimacy that allows two people to transcend themselves and there self-centeredness. It offers the opportunity, for just a few seconds, to move outside our earthbound bodies and static states and to experience the infinite. Of course, this transcendent experience can only take place within a context of great loving, respect, and equality which this species has had difficulty learning.

  • This lovemaking is a divine gift.

How sad it is that we, as humans, have not evolved to know this truth and we have turned sexual loving into a mechanical, self-seeking, getting off symbolized by Alpha Males.

Whether it is unwanted fondling, consensual non-participatory sex by the female (or male), mechanical sex, or actual rape, when it is not done lovingly it is still a rape of our souls and beings and denies what we can have and be as spiritual beings.

  • Men also have the ability to develop a spiritual relationship to lovemaking. Because of the systems they have developed, they have not encouraged these qualities in themselves or others.

Excusing their destructive behavior as “Alpha Male” does not help their/our evolution.