An Interesting Current Noticing

I have noticed some interesting new trends of late. I have noticed the most surprising saying that we need to be “colorblind” and quit singling out Blacks, Hispanics, Latinos, Native Americans and people with different sexual orientation. These people saying this are going on to say something like, “We are all the same.”

Interestingly enough, these are often the same or similar people who used to want to abolish Affirmative Action. Indeed, only yesterday, it seems, they are the same people who were sexist, racist, and clearly bigoted.

Now they are saying that we are all the same and they accept all of us unlike themselves into their fold because we are all the same?

Wait a minute! Where have I heard this before? During the Civil Rights Movement? During the Feminist Movement?

I remember! I remember the seduction of this message on the surface. Yet, when I stepped back, hesitated and took a good look at it, the surface looked good, yet, in the end, it was the same old cesspool and underneath the offer was the same old crap.

You see, what this statement really means is “You are all like ME.” If I can just make you like me (in your and my mind) I can manipulate and control you and you will continue to ignore your uniqueness and what that uniqueness has to offer.

Oh, I know this one. I have seen many black men (and women – yet less so) white women, even Latinos, Hispanics, – – – think and believe that the road to their success was to become more white male than the white male themselves. AND HOW HAS THAT WORKED OUT?


We need our differences and diversities in order to make a true whole. We need not to see things the same way in order to build better people, better societies, a safer and better planet.

I have had many insults thrown at me in my 82 years of being a strong Cherokee woman – “bitch,” “head-strong,” “not understanding ‘how things are’,” to name a few.

I have been attacked, insulted, threatened with violence, called crazy, not in touch with “reality,” too angry . . . There have been some really good ones with being ignored and not seen or heard probably being the worst.

Yet, the label I find most painful, hurtful, anger-producing and obnoxious is being accused or offered “to be like you.”

You see – I have not disconnected from my deep, all-inclusive spirituality. I have not left my oneness with all creation. I have not lost my compassion when anyone or anything is wounded or damaged. I have not become dishonest and found deceit “easier” at times. I still keep my commitments, and my word is my honor. I still believe in and act out of honor and respect. I still respect the teachings of my ancestors and believe that it is my responsibility to respect and take care of the earth and all its creatures, plants, rocks – every aspect of the planet and beyond. I still believe that I must be willing to stand up for all and speak my truth as a woman from the wisdom I carry as a woman because I also honor myself.

So, you see, I am not like you.

I am me.



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