Beyond the Fringe

There used to be a wonderful comic group from London in which Dudley Moore got his start. It was called Beyond the Fringe. It was a lot like Saturday Night Live.

One of their funniest routines was a skit about the nightly BBC news broadcast during World War II. They always started their newscast with something like “This is your nightly BBC news broadcast (and here’s the part I like) with News of Fresh Disaster.”

Every time I turn on the news these days, that phrase – “with News of Fresh Disaster” flashes in my mind.

Just when we think the “News of Fresh Disaster” can’t get worse, it does.

At some point, we just have to laugh (with tears in our eyes).

No one could write a reality show this bad.

A document, which is a legal part of the Senate record and had not been included for many years because of a sexist, racist, fundamentalist, which had been written by a respected woman who also happened to be black and was the wife and widow of one of our most respected American leaders ever (who also just happened to be black) being read by a current respected woman leader who just happens to be a Native American woman, could not be read as a legitimate argument against the approval of a white male racist pig to be Attorney General for the USA.

Discrimination – yes.

Sexism – yes.

Idiocy – definitely.

Discrediting the legitimacy of the Senate – absolutely.

Poor Judgment – Absolutely

The Wrong Man at the Wrong Time – Completely.

Control is not leadership.

Would he have treated a white male supporting a white male that way – doubtful.

When does he come up for re-election?

To FDR – “This day will live in Infamy.”



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