Healing on All Levels


We as human beings are so constructed as not to be perfect. We are not a mistake and we, and our ancestors, have made many mistakes. Even scientists like Bruce Lipton have become aware, like our ancestors knew, that our DNA not only holds our genetic material for our inherited physical traits, we have inherited the successes AND the mistakes of our ancestors as well.

Often, people ask me what I mean when I say that each individual must do her/his work. “Doing our work” means that we are willing to heal, grow, and learn on all levels of our being – personal, interpersonal, familial, societal and as a species. And we are willing to heal, grow and learn on all those levels psychologically, emotionally, mentally, physical and spiritually.

It is a wonder that any of us would choose to get born if we had any idea of the task we have set before ourselves. Yet, here we are!

As individuals, and as a species, it is our birthright, our responsibility and our privilege to heal, learn and grow. If we, as individuals, embrace all three of the aspects of our being, we are not only inviting ourselves into a very exciting and fruitful lifetime, we are participating in healing and creating a healthy species and planet.

The kind of lifetime I am describing has little to do with accumulating money. Although that accumulation may happen as a side effect. It has more to do with the exciting possibility of “aliveness” from birth to death. Nothing could be more fulfilling or valuable.

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