Change – Real Change

Do we really want change?

The word change is bandied about a great deal these days. Yet, what do we mean when we use the word and what levels of change are we talking about and ready for?

For me, I am interested in major change and I am not going to get it by changing political party leaders or the minor change of having another retro white guy in the White House.

Change to me means a major revolutionary change that is this United States which was founded on something other than a few white men colonizing a new land.

Our forefathers and mothers were seeking a way of life different from the hierarchy of Western European culture from which they came. They knew something was wrong with what they had known and what they had built.

They listened to the words of the native people of this land and heard their wisdom and experience when they crafted the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The indigenous people knew that these newcomers would be arriving and they let them stay. They also knew that they, the native people, would be instrumental in crafting an approach to living with themselves, one another and this land. This new way would be more like what the Wiataha had done in New Zealand before the war canoes came and slaughtered them. Like the Wiataha, this “new world” would be a place where different races came together and lived in perfect harmony with themselves, one another, nature and the planet. They knew that it would be a great experiment and achievement for the human race. Their myths and legends had foretold the coming of these “strangers.”

Since that time, we have been struggling to “get it right.” And, clearly, have been limited by our own ancestral beliefs and experience. And, also, at the same time, we have been slouching toward that vision, lead mostly by the white males of the species – most of whom have meant well and have not been “playing with the full quid.” (See Women’s Reality, When Society Becomes an Addict and There Will Be a Thousand Years of Peace and Prosperity and They Will Be Ushered in By The Women).

If we truly want a society where there is liberty and justice for all, all are created equal, all are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, where each individual is encouraged to achieve her/his highest potential in spite of gender, race, color, or creed, then indeed, we will never achieve this with only one group running the show.

The last few centuries have shown us that we need more diversity of belief, perception, wisdom and knowledge than one small minority can bring to the table to achieve these lofty goals.

  • And these exciting goals have meaning to conservatives and liberals alike if we all would just have the wisdom to listen.

We may now be at a place in history where we have a shot at major change for the human race and the planet and it will not be brought about by “the rich men who cannot get through the eye of a needle.”

  • I am talking about major Human Race Change here – not just the economy or small minds.
  • I am talking about Change that involves equality of all types of people who accept that all differing perceptions of all kinds of people are needed for any real change to happen.


Blacks/Whites/Native Americans/Hispanics/Muslims/Asians/All groups

Poor/Middle Class/Wealthy (limited)

  • We need to accept that societies, like people, are always a work in progress. They are never static. If they are not moving forward, they are moving backward. Or, as we have been doing lately as a society, some aspects are moving forward like civil rights and women’s rights, while socially, morally, economically and politically we have not been progressing. Remember stasis is an illusion.
  • I want to be a part of a society where honesty, honor, and integrity are the building blocks.

If we do not start with these three, where can we go but down?

  • If we do start with these three, politics will probably be eliminated as politics, as an institution, is based on dishonesty. (This will be a tough one to change and change, itself, here is key!)
  • We need to change our belief that winning at any cost is what is important. HOW we all win will determine the healing that takes place in our selves, others, and our nation. Remember that old adage: “It’s not whether you win or lose. It’s how you play the game.”
  • Old proverbs are the backbone of a nation. Our proverbs are not being taught or lived much right now.
  • We need leaders who inspire us to greater levels of humility and caring.

We do not need any leaders who bring out the worst we have to offer or invite us to lower ourselves to their level. We may be tempted, at times, to become less than we can be.

And the leaders who have brought about the most important changes are those who have inspired us to be better than we believed possible.

Our forefathers made a huge disastrous mistake for humankind when they did not involve the original people of this land in setting up the way this land will function.

  • Are we going to make that mistake again?
  • We have an opportunity to listen to a wide range of voices. Will we choose differently this time? This is a major junction for us all.
  • If you stop and step away from the alcoholic-like babblings of a retro white guy, you will remember that this country was founded with vision and purpose.

What do we need?

  • We need people working in jobs that pay a living wage.
  • We need those jobs to be ones that contribute to the greater good of everyone – including the planet. We need jobs and technology that create “living with” one another and the planet and are not harmful to either.
  • We need jobs that contribute to the greater good of the all.


  • We need education for everyone that contributes to the planet and the greater growth of each human being.
  • We do not need education that is limited in scope and vision that demoralizes and disparages the person and the inner creativity.



  • DT is not physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually capable to lead us back to the change we need. Nor is he open to or aware of them. Never have we considered electing someone who embodies so much change as DT does – IN THE WRONG DIRECTION!!!



  • Michael Moore is right that Hillary will be a great President just because she is part of a class of people who have known oppression personally.

Experiencing oppression personally grows a kind of wisdom that can never be learned through concepts and abstractions or in books.

  • Trump certainly has not had this experience except a few times during this election campaign and we all saw how he reacted.

Never have we had a candidate who embodies so much change – IN THE WRONG DIRECTION. Violence, disrespect, entitlement, dignity, sexism, inertia and entropy, however, are not what we need now.

  • They say that an alcoholic has to hit bottom before she/he is ready for recovery. Perhaps this election is our bottom. We will never advance through destruction.
  • We may be at the crossroads of one of the greatest opportunities any of us has seen in our lifetime. We have the opportunity to make a quantum leap forward as a people, a country and a planet. Our original vision can be realized.
  • Hillary! Don’t get pulled into the slime by those who live there.
  • Don’t let him take up all the oxygen in the room in a White Male Fashion.
  • Don’t let drug companies, and the medical industrial complex dictate our health.
  • Don’t let the military industrial complex dictate our foreign policy.
  • Don’t let big banks and our old ways of dealing with money dictate what we do with money. No nation or society based on money as the bottom line can be healthy for people, animals, nature or the planet! Economics cannot be an end in itself and the reason we do what we do, think what we think or believe what we believe.
  • Let’s put our money where our values our.

When did verbiage and clichés replace our true values?

In Closing

As a woman, Hillary has been abused with character assassination. She has been battered, embarrassed, dismissed, attacked, vilified, ignored and put-down with great attempts to shut her up. She has been denigrated when she acted like a woman and hated when she acted like a man. Because of all these experiences, she knows things that a retro white male can never know. AND, “these things” bind her to a majority of people in this land. They, too, were hurt and together they have become strong.

Because of all these experiences, she is exactly the right person at the right time to be at the helm of this great country.

Our greatest wisdom comes through experience! It is just not possible to be a visionary when you made the soup we are in.


You say you want change – then put Hillary in the White House as President.