Let’s Talk About Money

Some years ago, I was privileged to read a manuscript that was then titled “The Future of Money.” The author was an international banker and had at least worked in Europe, the United States and South America. His observation was that for the current world monetary system to work, we had to have poverty and scarcity. For people to be wealthy, poverty is not only a byproduct, IT IS A NECESSITY.

When I lived in Ireland, I was gifted with a very knowledgeable owner of a fantastic bookstore in Galway. When the owner got to know me, my interests and the way my mind worked, he fed me the books I “needed to read.”

In one of those books, I read about a man running for Prime Minister some time back. His platform was built around the idea that Ireland did not need wealth. What it needed was for everyone to have enough and focus on the more important aspects of life like being a good person and developing our spiritual beings (not religion – spirituality, which searches the unknown/unseen). Or, the way I would put it is, as humans, we are here to heal, grow and learn.

Did we, at some point FORGET, that our lives are about healing, growing and learning – for all of us? We are living on a planet where there is enough for all if our resources are not used up by those who accumulate money.

For most of my life, I was not told that I was a Cherokee. At the time when I was born it was not “cool” to be Native American. In fact, it was (and still is in some circles) dangerous. Native children had been carried off to boarding schools to get brainwashed in the dominant White Male “Western” System.

My parents did not want this brainwashing for me, so we passed for White. They thought I would have more “opportunities.” Maybe I did – for brainwashing. The good thing for me was that they raised me in a traditional Cherokee way without telling me.

I was always drawn to Native people. In spite of an earned Ph.D. and an honorary degree, my most treasured learnings have come from Native elders throughout the world. My soul knew what my mind did not.

Indeed, native people always told me that I was “native” and I always said, “as far as I know I am not.” I did not want to be a wannabe.

Then, they would ask: “What is your heritage?”

And I would reply, “As far as I know Irish and English.” I always put the Irish first because for some reason I was more proud of the Irish.

Then, most people would say, “That explains it. The Irish are the closest to being Native of all Western Europeans.”

When I found out I was Cherokee on both sides of my family, it seems that the tumblers of my soul fell into place.

  • So, the Irish and most native people don’t just believe, they KNOW that money is not real. Money is just legal tender. It is invented by humans. And, it cannot be eaten.
  • Money only has agreed upon value.
  • Enough money is good. Too much money is probably bad for the individual AND the culture.

Think about it!
I am not sure that “money is the root of all evil.” And it is quite possible that the pursuit of it is one of the major reasons we do not heal, grow and learn as individuals – spiritually, emotionally, personally and collectively.

Every one should have enough.

Concentration of wealth is not good for individuals, all beings, nature or the planet.

  • What if the purpose of government and our institutions were for everyone to have enough?

Think about it!

This possibility almost boggles the mind. Why not boggle the mind?

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