Letter to President Obama

December 15, 2016

To: President Obama

From: Anne Wilson Schaef, Ph.D.

Topic: Free Leonard Peltier

By now, I hope that you, and all of us, have enough data to prove that the FBI and/or factions of it are not apolitical and perhaps, more than we know, support violence toward people for unjust and political reasons.

I am 82-years-old now and I know that not only is it time, it is wrong to keep Leonard in prison for something he did not do.

I knew a social activist, a woman from Minnesota, who founded the first battered women’s shelter and started a movement. She is now dead and I speak with her voice.

  • Leonard did not do it!
  • I have also spoken with people from the reservation who KNOW that Leonard was framed. Leonard was a young spiritual leader who was working with/studying with one of the great spiritual leaders of the Lakota Sioux. I knew this spiritual leader personally for many years before he died and I knew that Leonard did not do this deed.

The FBI needed a scapegoat to blame and what better way to hurt the people than to lock up a spiritual leader coming into his prime?

Oh, Leonard was dangerous all right, and not in a physical or violent way.

We have recently seen what happens when the FBI wants a scapegoat.

Leonard is old now and weak. He has been a good man in prison and a good man out of prison. He is not dangerous and has spent enough time in jail.

I and many others beg you to be compassionate and free him.

Please give something back to the Native People of this Land.


Anne Wilson Schaef, Ph.D.

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