America Fulfilling Its Promise – Section II – Part 4

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights First of all, I want to thank Donald Trump and all of our elected officials in Washington for the honor and necessity of this exploration that I am finding I need to do to try to understand what is happening to my nation and why. Not only do […]

America Fulfilling Its Promise – Section I/Part 9

The Loss of a Moral Base and a Relationship with a Power Greater Than Ourselves The Twelve Step Program for recovery from addictions has some wisdom to share with us at this point in our progression. As I said earlier, when I began to realize I was working with addicts, I decided to attend Twelve […]

Men (and Women) Moving On

To follow up on my last blog, Thank You Trump Boys, I want to explore some of the myths of what I all the White Male System/Addictive System/ Technological, Mechanistic, Materialistic System. In my first book, published in 1981, as a young second-wave feminist, very early on I realized that we were not just dealing […]