Tune Back In Tomorrow For My New Blog…

I haven’t been posting much on my blog this summer as I have been –


1) Conducting a writers retreat for a week.


2) Working two weeks with the people who are part of the Living in Process network.


3) Facilitating a one + week International Gathering of Elders.


4) Preparing three books for publication.


5) “Officiating” at a funeral and a wedding.


6) Being present to two dear friends with cancer.


7) Overseeing the restoration at Boulder. Hot Springs Inn, Spa and Retreat Center.


Now I have a few weeks to “catch up” before I am off to Europe.


So, I have several blogs to share…


Tune Back In Tomorrow…


Anne Wilson Schaef


One thought on “Tune Back In Tomorrow For My New Blog…

  1. I had noticed that there wasn’t a recent blogg from you, Anne. Goodness what a full life you lead. I look forward to reading your blogg tomorrow. Clare

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